cemen (soil). (Note: at the time Tolkien wrote Etym, he thought of cemen as the genitive of cén, but later cemen evidently became the nominative form, as it had been in earlier writings [LT1:257]. In Silm:433, it is said that cemen [kemen] refers to "the Earth as a flat floor beneath menel, the heavens". LT1:257, reproducing early material, also has cemi "earth, soil, land" and Kémi "Mother Earth".) Locative cemendë "on earth" in VT43:17. HEAVEN AND EARTH Menel Cemenyë (VT47:11). EARTH-QUEEN Kementári (Yavanna's title); EARTHEN, OF EARTH cemna. (LR:363 gves "kemina", but according to VT45:19, this is a misreading for "kemna" in Tolkien's manuscript.) EARTH (= world) Ambar (world) (Tolkien equated Ambar with Oikoumene, a Greek word denoting "world" considered as "the inhabited world of Men". But ambar also seems to mean "doom", q.v. MR:337 (cf. WJ:419) has Imbar instead of Ambar; the literal meaning of both words is said to be "habitation") EARTH-DWELLERS –LT2:343 gives indi, rendered "earthdwellers" and said to be another word for "men", but this is hardly a valid word in LotR-style Quenya. –KEM/Silm:433/LT1:257/VT44:34, MBAR cf. Letters:283 or SD:409

Quettaparma Quenyallo (English-Quenya). 2014.


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